The Kick-Off Calll

What Is the Kick-Off Call?

The Kick-Off Call is the first video call between the student and the coach. All 1-on-1 coaching sessions will occur over video chat. Thus, we recommend the student have Skype downloaded and ready to go. Add your coach as a contact as soon as possible. Where to find your coach's Skype name?-check your welcome email! 

Need Skype?   Click here to download. 

The kickoff meeting serves as the foundation for learning and growth with Testive. Everything that you plan and accomplish throughout the program will build upon what happens in the kickoff meeting. So it’s important you come prepared to ensure that we can curtail our approach to your unique learning style, opportunities for improvement and goals. You will:

  • Get to know your coach
  • Walk through the Testive software and learning process
  • Discuss your baseline score
  • Build your study schedule

How long does a kick-off call take?

Kickoff meetings typically last 30-45 minutes. This is the opportunity for both parents and students to get to know your coach and familiarize yourselves with the coaching program.

Who should be on the call?

In our experience, we’ve found it work best if parents/supporters are available for at least a portion of the kick-off call. The coach will go over the process of how the student will be prepping, how the two of them will be interacting, set goals and expectations, and answer any outstanding questions you have.  

What needs to happen before the call takes place?

Here are some things you can do to ensure your kickoff call is productive as possible:

  • Ensure you’ve established your baseline and uploaded your results to Testive
  • Come ready to discuss your academic history (particularly make note of where your academic performance differs substantially from your baseline score)
  • Write down any questions that you have about Testive/Coaching/the ACT/SAT
  • Make a list of your time commitments before your  test date.
    • Athletics, academics, work.
    • When are they?
  • Think of any goals you have (a particular score, or perhaps your dream college)
  • Make sure you are ready to go with Skype.

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