Getting Ready for the Kick-Off Call

What is the Kick-Off Call, and why is it important?

The Kick-off Call is the first meeting between a Testive student and their coach. The goal of this conversation is to set the foundation for a student's prep with Testive. This meeting allows the student to discuss where they are in the SAT/ACT prep process, what their goals are, and how they will collaborate with their coach to see success.

When and how do coaches contact students for the Kick-Off Call?

If a family has finished registering for Testive coaching, they will have selected a date and time for the student's Kick-Off Call. If you need to reschedule a Kick-Off Call, no worries!  Here are instructions for rescheduling

The Kick-Off Call (and all subsequent coaching sessions) will take place over video chat (typically Skype). The coach will call the student via Skype at the pre-scheduled time. If the student hasn’t set up a Skype account, don’t worry. It’s easy!  Here is the link to set up a free Skype account.

After signing up for coaching and before the initial Kick-Off Call, a student must add their coach as a contact on Skype. Without adding the coach on Skype, the student will not be able to connect with their coach for the Kick-Off Call. The coach's Skype username is in the Welcome email both students and parents receive after signing up for coaching. This information can also be found within the Parent Account. 

What should students do before the Kick-Off Call?

To make sure the Kick-Off Call is productive, students should complete these steps beforehand:

  • Required: Take the baseline SAT and/or ACT, and upload answers to the Student Account. 
  • Write down any questions they have about Testive, Coaching, the SAT/ACT, etc.
  • Make a list of known time commitments before their target test date(s), so they can set a prep schedule that works.
  • Think about goals. What is their goal score? What is their "dream school"?

Should parents be present for the Kick-Off Call?

Although it is not required, it is beneficial for a parent to join the Kick-Off Call. This ensures the student, parent, and coach are on the same page regarding a student's prep goals, timeline, and weekly schedule. Subsequent coaching sessions will be comprised of reviewing specific SAT/ACT problems and strategies; for this, most students don't find a parent's presence necessary. Of course, if your family finds an alternative arrangement is helpful to your student, that's perfectly okay. 

What do students and coaches discuss during the Kick-Off Call?

During the Kick-Off Call, the coach and student will:

  • Tour the Student Account. 
  • Go over baseline practice test scores and discuss a prep plan.
  • Establish goals for the student's prep program.
  • Set up a study calendar (when the student will work on weekly assignments). 
  • Agree upon a weekly meeting schedule (when the student will meet with the coach). 

How long does the Kick-Off Call last?

The Kick-off call typically lasts around 45 minutes. Once the student and coach have reviewed practice tests results and established a prep plan, subsequent calls are shorter (around 30 minutes each). 

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