How Billing Works

All payments to Testive must be processed via credit or debit card. When registering for coaching, you will have elected to either: 1) Pay upfront for the entirety of the student's coaching program, or 2) Opt for a monthly payment plan

Paying Upfront 
If you selected our pay upfront option, Testive will not bill you again, unless you decide to add additional time to the existing program. For example, if you originally registered for an 8-week program, you may eventually decide to add another 4 weeks for a later test date.  Please look here for more information on program extensions. 

Monthly Payment Plan
If you selected our monthly payment plan, you were billed for only the student's first month of coaching during registration. You will then be billed again 4 weeks after the student's Kick-Off Call with their coach. All subsequent billings will be monthly, on the same calendar day as the student's Kick-Off Call. For example, if the student's Kick-Off call was on January 15th, your next payment will be processed on February 15th. When your child's coaching program ends (for instance, if you signed up for an 8-week program, and 8 weeks have passed), billing will automatically cease. 

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