Extending Coaching Time

Most families who register for Testive will have spoken with a Student Success Advisor about a prep and testing timeline. Of course, these plans may change. That's perfectly ok! For instance, after completing the original program, some families decide to continue Coaching for a later SAT/ACT test date.

How to extend Coaching time from your Parent Account 

You can extend your child's coaching program from within your Parent Account -- instructions below: 
  1. Log into your Parent Account. 
  2. In your Parent Account, click on the menu icon in the upper left hand corner. (The button looks like the image below:

  3. Click on "Your Account."
  4. Under "PROGRAM," you will see the current "End Date" of your child's program listed. This indicates the end of coaching time you have already paid for (if you paid upfront), or are scheduled to pay for (if you're paying monthly). If you wish to extend the length of a student's program, click on "edit," and select a new program end date. Then click on "Save." 

    Your billing will be automatically adjusted to reflect the added coaching time.
    * Please note that if you wish to switch from Coaching (1 coaching session per week) to Coaching Plus (2 coaching sessions per week), or vice versa, you will need to contact us first at happy@testive.com, so we can process this change manually. 

Questions about prep timeline, coach availability, pricing, or something else?

If you have any questions about extending a student's program, please email us at happy@testive.com. We are happy to help!

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