Testive Question Bank

A common inquiry among Testive students and parents is: Where do your practice SAT/ACT questions come from?

Does Testive use "real" SAT and ACT questions?

The organizations that produce the SAT (the College Board) and the ACT (ACT) do not license their questions for use by private companies. This means that Testive, along with other test prep companies, must write our own learning content, which includes practice questions. 

Who writes your practice questions?

The practice questions on our learning platform are written by highly experienced educational content creators. Each question is curated to mimic the actual content of the SAT & ACT as closely as possible.

How does the student know which questions to answer? 

Once a student begins their Testive program, we instantly customize our learning content to the student's needs. This process involves two major components:

  • Adaptive software. As soon as a student uploads a baseline practice test, our software adapts to their strengths and weaknesses on the SAT/ACT. Students have immediate access to practice questions at the right level for them. Once a student starts answering practice questions and gradually improves, the software adjusts the difficulty level of questions they receive. This ensures that students are always challenged, but not so challenged they get frustrated and lose motivation.
  • Coach insight and guidance. Without human motivation and guidance, it's easy for students to answer hundreds of practice questions without much reflection. The role of a Testive coach is to ensure students are making the most of their prep time. Each week, coaches assign students a certain number of questions in different subject areas. For example, a student may receive 20 geometry questions, 30 algebra questions, 20 sentence completion questions, and 30 passage-based reading questions. Coaches assign questions based on a student's weakest areas, and their potential to improve. When students log in, they have access to their assignment for the week, and can begin answering questions in the appropriate subject areas. 

If a student skips a study day, are the missed questions still available?

Students are usually assigned to complete about 15-20 questions per day -- example of study calendar below:

If a student misses a study day, that day will appear in red on their study calendar (example below). If the student chooses to make up the missed work later, the same practice questions are still available to complete. However, the work will be recorded on the calendar day it was completed, not the day it was assigned.

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