When is the best time for a student to prep?

We recommend students officially start SAT/ACT prep the summer before junior year. By the end of 10th grade, most students have already been taught the material the SAT & ACT cover. Test prep is simply a matter of identifying and focusing on topics the student needs to review. The summer before junior year is also the last extended period of free time most students have before college application season starts.

While students may object to this, summer is generally the best time of year for SAT/ACT prep. During the school year, some students are too busy with academics and extracurricular activities to truly focus on test prep. Of course, there are exceptions to this.* If there is a different season when the student's schedule is most flexible, this is probably the best time for prep. 

This being said, many students are extremely busy all year round. While SAT/ACT prep should never take over a student's life, it must be made a priority for at least a few months. Because Testive emphasizes relatively short, efficient practice sessions, even the busiest student should be able to fit in their prep.  

* For example, if a student plays soccer, the fall season may be too hectic for them to focus on prep.

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