What happens when a student isn’t doing the work?

At the beginning of every Testive program, the coach and student work together to establish a study calendar. This calendar can be viewed in both the Student and Coach account, to ensure both parties are on the same page about committed study days. 

For example, the student below is scheduled to complete 20 questions per day, 7 days per week: 

It's extremely important the student commit to prepping on these specific days, in order to make consistent progress. 

But no student is perfect, and most will have days they forget to prep, or are simply too busy. In a traditional SAT/ACT prep class or tutoring program, several days can pass before the instructor knows a student isn't prepping With Testive, our coaches know immediately, intervene sooner, and use positive reinforcement to get the student back on track. 

Every time a student misses a committed study day, his or her coach is immediately notified. The coach will reach out to the student to determine whether this was an isolated event, or if the prep plan needs to be altered. If a student develops a pattern of missing his or her prep commitments, the coach will notify the student's parent, and reach out to our Customer Happiness team for additional support.

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