Should parents be present at check-in calls?

In our experience, Check-In Calls proceed most smoothly when the parent is not present. Unlike the initial Kick-Off Call, Check-In Calls involve the student and coach reviewing specific SAT/ACT questions and concepts. Many students are better focused and are more likely to bring up questions and concerns regarding prep when they are speaking with the coach one-on-one. Of course, parents and students are welcome to decide on a different approach, if they feel it will help the student. 

Parents may wonder, But if I'm not present for the call, how will I know my child is meeting with their coach? The role of a Testive parent is to make sure the child schedules regular meetings with their coach and shows up for those sessionsIn the Parent Portal, parents can view the date of the next scheduled coaching session. When the session occurs, the parent will receive an email notification and a "meeting note" from the coach. If the coach is unable to reach the student for a scheduled session, they will let the parent know. 

The purpose of the Parent Portal is to allow parents to monitor students' prep, without the added duty of scheduling and attending sessions. 

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