Does Testive focus on content or strategy?

Many parents ask, "Does Testive focus on content or strategy?"

There is no magic formula to acing the SAT or ACT. "Tips, tricks, and strategies" only go so far. The best way for a student to raise their score is to improve their knowledge of the content on the test. Putting the required time and effort into studying is the best predictor of success with prep. The role of our coaches it to make sure students are making the most of their prep time. 

How does Testive help students improve their content knowledge?

At the start of a student's Testive program, a coach will analyze baseline SAT/ACT practice test results. Once the coach has identified conceptual areas where the student is weakest, they will ensure the student practices in these areas consistently and efficiently. This includes assigning weekly questions that target challenging areas, and reviewing how to correctly work problems during coaching sessions. 

Does strategy come in, at all?

There are a few test-taking techniques students should know. For example, many coaches will tell students to annotate passages on the ACT reading section. But these strategies are no replacement for knowing the material on the test. If a coach identifies a test-taking strategy that will help a student succeed, they will certainly teach it. But the majority of coaching time is spent reviewing the specific concepts and questions a student is struggling with. 

What about students who struggle with pacing, testing anxiety, and other specific challenges?

Many students struggle with pacing themselves on the SAT/ACT, or with testing anxiety. Our coaches are experienced at helping students deal with these challenges. To improve a student's speed while taking the test, increasing familiarity with the subject matter is most important. Similarly, students often feel less anxious when they are secure in their understanding of the material. Again, improving content knowledge is the key. If the coach feels that nervousness is holding a student back from showing their knowledge, they can share strategies for remaining calm during the test.

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