Tips for the day of the test

After investing weeks or months in SAT/ACT prep, the day of the big is scary and exciting. Here are some tips Testive coaches typically give their students for test day:

Eat a Good Breakfast

The SAT and ACT are 3-4 hours long, with just one opportunity for a quick snack. To avoid a rumbling stomach in the middle of the test, students should eat a healthy, filling breakfast beforehand. However, they should avoid drinking too much liquid, since running to the bathroom during timed test sections isn't permitted.

Conduct in the Testing Room 

Maintaining fairness is extremely important to those who administer the SAT and ACT. If a test proctor suspects a student is breaking the rules, they may ask the student to leave in the middle of the test, or before it even begins. Even if a student doesn't plan on cheating, or doing anything prohibited, it's also important to avoid the appearance of misconduct.

1. Arrive on Time

If a student is late to the test, they may not be allowed into the testing room. If this happens, your registration fee most likely won't be refunded. Students should set two alarms the morning of the SAT/ACT, and make sure someone else (a parent or friend) knows when they're scheduled to take test. 

2. Bring your registration ticket and photo ID 

If a student doesn't have these items, they will not be allowed into the testing room.

3.  Turn your Phone OFF

Off. This doesn’t mean silent. It doesn’t mean vibrate. It  means  turn your phone off. Even better, if you’re driving yourself to the test, you should leave your phone in the car.  Of course  there are some students who have to be picked up and need their phones. If that the case, make sure the phone is 100% off. Why? If a student's phone makes the slightest noise during the test, they will be asked to leave the exam, and their scores will be voided. Even during breaks, students should not turn on, or even touch their phones. 

4. Put Your Pencil Down

When the proctor says “put your pencils down”, put your pencil down! Although it may seem harmless to finish bubbling that one last bubble, you CAN get kicked out for not putting your pencil down when told to.

4. Don’t Cheat (or even look like you’re cheating)

Please don’t cheat during this test. You will likely get caught and asked to leave. And make sure to not  look like you’re cheating, either. Don’t glance around at other students' tests, or engage in any kind of suspicious behavior. Whether or not cheating was your intention, you will still be asked to leave.

During the Test 

1. Stay Calm, but Move Efficiently

Students should do their best to stay calm during the test, and avoid rushing through questions frantically. At the same time, this is not a test to work through at a leisurely pace, since every section is timed. If a student has invested the necessary time and effort into prep, they should feel confident in their knowledge on test day.

2. Bubble Carefully

During the test, it's easy to get flustered and start filling in the wrong bubbles on the answer sheet. A couple of tips to avoid this:

  • If you skip a question on the test, make sure to also skip a line on your answer sheet. 
  • Every few questions, make sure the bubble you're filling in corresponds to the question you're answering. 

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