The Baseline Practice Test

Completing and uploading a practice (baseline) SAT and/or ACT is the first step to any successful Testive coaching program.

Why is the baseline test important?

A coach needs a student's baseline score to design a personalized study plan, so the student can pursue their prep goals efficiently. Without a baseline test, students and coaches have no starting point from which to set goals and measure improvement. Our algorithm breaks down a student's scores, and Testive coaches use this detailed information to identify strengths and weaknesses. This combination of technology and coach expertise is how we ensure students are practicing in areas with the highest potential for score improvement. 

When should the student complete the baseline test?

It is imperative that a student complete and upload a baseline SAT/ACT  before their first meeting (Kick-off call) with their coach. Before a Kick-off call, a coach will review baseline score information, and determine areas of focus for the student's prep program. This is why students must not only complete a baseline test before their kickoff call, but also upload answers to their Testive account.

Testive Digitally Proctored Online Test

Did your child recently take an online test with us? This test counts as the baseline practice test.

Which baseline test should my child take?

If a student is not sure whether they will focus on the SAT or ACT, they should take a baseline test for both. Based on how the two scores compare, a coach will help a student decide which test is a better fit. If a student has already decided which test they will prep for before starting Testive, they need only complete a baseline for that test. 

Where can the student access the baseline test?

All of our baseline SAT's and ACT's are available to download and print within the Student Account. To access the baseline tests, students can click on the "Practice Tests" tab within their Student Account. They can then click on "Upload Practice Test" and select a SAT or ACT to complete. Pick any one of the 6 practice tests listed, but we usually recommend getting started with "Redbook test #1" (for the ACT) or "SAT Test #1" (for the SAT).

Students can download the test and the answer sheet, then print it using a home or office printer (yes, good ol' fashioned paper and pencil test!).  

What does the student need to complete the baseline test?

It is essential students print the baseline test, and complete it under regular test conditions, so the final score truly represents a student's knowledge. Accurate results ensure that we can develop an appropriate curriculum that effectively addresses a student’s weak areas.

Regular test conditions mean:

  • The test is timed. This is a 3-4 hour commitment, so make sure to set aside enough time!
  • Take the test in a quiet place (no dogs, siblings, television, XBOX, etc.)
  • Ask someone (mom or dad) to proctor the test 
  • Have a calculator and extra pencils handy

Make sure to follow the official directions for whichever test (ACT or SAT) you are taking. Each section on the test will indicate how many minutes are allowed to complete it. 

You can also download a PDF Practice SAT or ACT here: 
ACT Practice Test (Redbook Test #1)
SAT Practice Test (SAT Test #1)

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