Testive Coaching Timeline (14-Day Trial, Pausing, Extensions, and End Dates)

Program Timeline

Your family's Student Success Advisor will have worked with you to establish a prep timeline. A student's coaching program end date should be on or near their official SAT or ACT test date. However, families are able to adjust the program length (end date) through the Parent Account.  See Adjusting End Dates.

14-Day Risk-Free Trial

After a student is enrolled in our coaching program, Testive provides a 14-Day Risk-Free Trial period. The Trial officially starts the day of a student's Kick-Off Call with their coach. The purpose of the Trial is for students and parents to get acclimated to our software, and to the idea of online coaching. 

If you decide within 14 days of the Kick-Off Call Testive isn't the right fit, please let us know as soon as you can. If you notify us during the Trial period, we will refund any payments you have made in full. If you decide to cancel the program after the 14-Day Trial has ended, you will not be refunded for any payments made.* 

If a student has not met with their coach within 14 days after enrollment, we will refund any payments made as a last resort. Our priority is to make sure students are able to meet with their coaches in a timely manner, and begin the Testive program in ernest. 

* We can change the Trial end date if you email us, and tell us a Kick-Off call did not occur until after the originally scheduled date. (Perhaps there was a scheduling conflict, or the student was unable to complete the baseline test in time). If we receive notice from you, we will push the Trial to start on the date of a student's actual Kick-Off Call. 

Program Extensions

We'll happily extend a student's coaching program beyond their original end date.  See Adjusting End Dates.

Pausing Testive

A student is welcome to take a short break from test prep. Pauses from Testive may be no shorter than two weeks, and no longer than four weeks.  See our Testive Pause Policy and Instructions. 

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