Pausing Testive Program

We understand that sometimes students need to take a break from prep. Whether this is to wait for SAT/ACT scores to be released, or take a vacation, we get it! We allow families to instantly pause a student's program for a period between 2 and 4 weeks.

Need to pause for less than 2 weeks, or more than 4 weeks? Please scroll to the end of this article for instructions. 

How to pause a Testive coaching program:

  1. Log into your Testive Parent Account. Link can be found in the original "Welcome" email you received from Testive when signing up. 
  2. In the upper left-hand corner of your Parent Account, pull down your account settings. The button looks like these three lines below:
  3. Click on "Your Account."
  4. In your account information, next to "Status," click on "Pause."
  5. Next to "Starting," set the date you wish the student's program pause to begin. Next to "length," set the number of weeks you wish the pause to last. You will receive an email notification of the change.

Wish to pause the program for less than 2 weeks? There is no need to make any changes in your Parent Account. Simply have the student "double up" on coaching sessions either the week before, or the week after the pause. 

Wish to pause your program for more than 4 weeks? In this case, it's best to temporarily cancel the student's program. This option is available through your Parent Account - follow steps #1 - #3 above, then click on "Cancel my program." Please email us at and tell us the length of the pause, and when you wish your child to get re-started with Testive. 

Have any questions about this process? Email our Customer Happiness Team at

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