Testive Guarantee

Score Guarantee

Students are most successful with prep when they have a specific score goal and test date(s) in mind. It is a priority for us to understand our students’ goals and help them get there. We will help each student identify a  score  goal if they are not sure where they ultimately aim to land on the SAT or the ACT. We make our best effort to help students set reasonable expectations for achievement on the SAT or ACT. We cannot guarantee a student will receive a specific SAT or ACT score after completing their program. Test scores are limited by countless factors, including, but not limited to: previous academic preparation, academic strengths and weaknesses, time and effort spent on prep, and test day conditions.

However, we gladly hold ourselves responsible for helping our students improve their scores. While most of our students  do  see a score increase after finishing their programs, we still have measures in place to assist students who do not see results.

You are eligible for Score Guarantee if your student successfully completed their  Testive  program and did not see a score increase.

Score increase is calculated by comparing the composite scores (all sections considered together, not including essay) of an “after” test to a “before” test in either the SAT or ACT:

  • The “after” test must be an official SAT or ACT  taken  by your student no more than 15 days after the completion of their  Testive  program.
  • The “before” test may be either an official SAT or ACT taken by your student 90 days or less before the start of their Testive program, or an official baseline practice test uploaded by your student to their Testive account less than 3 months before the start of their  Testive  program.

In order to consider a student as having successfully completed their  Testive  program, the following conditions must be met:

  • The student completed at least 85% of questions indicated on their weekly calendar.
  • The student completed and uploaded at least two practice tests, including the baseline test.
  • The student did not miss any meetings with their coach. A rescheduled meeting is not considered a missed  meeting,  unless the rescheduling was excessive and the student did not reschedule meetings in a timely fashion.

In order to take advantage of the Score Guarantee, you must email happy@testive.com a copy of the student’s official “after” test scores within 30 days of the test score release date. 

If you are eligible for the Score Guarantee, we offer two options. You may select one of these:

  • Between one and two months of complimentary Coaching for an upcoming SAT or ACT
  • A full refund of all payments made to Testive since the student took their baseline test

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