Testive Terms of Service


Testive Terms of Service


Welcome to Testive Coaching! Achieving success on standardized tests is an important step in your student’s journey to college, and Testive is proud to be a part of that journey.

Please read the following terms of service. By using Testive Coaching, you agree to these terms, which may be changed.

Test Dates

It is essential to have test date(s) as a target for your program timeline. This helps you identify, work towards, assess, and reach your goals. All SAT and ACT dates are scheduled significantly in advance, which makes it simple to target specific test dates and choose the right start and end dates for your program.

If your student has not taken an official SAT or ACT test prior to starting their program, you will be advised to target two test dates in order to begin the program. If your child has taken an official SAT or ACT prior to starting the program, you will still be asked to select at least one target test date in order to begin.

Registering for Test Dates

While you must provide at least one target test date in order to begin the program, you are responsible for registering for this test.

Testive cannot register students for the SAT or the ACT, and Testive is not responsible for students missing the registration deadline for a particular test.

Start Date and End Date

Your program’s start date is the date of your student’s “Kick-Off Call” (first meeting) with their coach. If your student’s scheduled kick-off call is rescheduled through the call scheduler, the program start date will be adjusted along with it.

If you would like to adjust your end date, it is your responsibility to do so from within the parent portal before your last payment is processed. No refunds related to incorrect program end dates will be processed after program conclusion.  

Preparing for Your First Meeting

After you purchase a Testive coaching program and select a coach, your student must schedule a Kick-Off Call (first meeting) with their coach.

Before the Kick-Off Call, your student must complete and submit a full-length practice SAT or ACT test via Testive’s website or iOS scoring app (ACT only).

If this is not completed prior to the first meeting, the coach reserves the right to cancel the meeting and reschedule this meeting as the second meeting of your program.

If a Kick-Off Call is rescheduled with less than 24 hours notice, or a student misses their Kick-Off Call without notifying their coach, you will forfeit the first meeting and the rescheduled kick-off call will count as the second meeting of the program, without a change to the start date (see Cancelling & Rescheduling).

Making Changes to Program Length

Adding Time To Your Original Program:

You may extend the length of your program beyond its originally scheduled end date from the Parent Portal using the “Manage Account” feature. Coach availability is not guaranteed when adding time; however, we will do everything possible to maintain coach consistency when a program is extended.

Taking Time Off:

We don’t recommend taking long breaks away from prep, and therefore suggest scheduling prep at a time when your student will be available to complete weekly assignments and meet with their coach consistently for the duration of the program.

If a student needs to take time off, and they know they will only miss one meeting (one week off), they should arrange this with their coach so they can make up the missed meeting. They can make up the meeting that will be missed with an extra meeting before or after, or a double-length session in the case of coaching plus. This should be arranged no less than one week before the break occurs.

However, if needed, we do accommodate scheduling 2, 3, or 4 week pauses from Coaching . For example, you may have an extended family vacation, a trip to summer camp during your only available window for prep, or you may have planned your program around multiple test dates, and you know you’d like to pause and wait for scores to come back before resuming prep. If your student intends to take a break for 2, 3, or 4 weeks, it is your responsibility to ensure the program is paused for the appropriate amount of time. This pause should be scheduled using the “Manage Account” tool in the Parent Portal. We are not able to retroactively pause accounts after an undocumented pause has occurred (i.e. Testive was not made aware of the pause in advance and it was not processed through the Parent Portal.)

Ending Your Program Early:

You may shorten the length of your original program through the Parent Portal using the “Manage Account” feature. In order to avoid overage charges, please make these changes before your next billing date.

Program Cancellation:

You may cancel your Testive Coaching Program within 14 days of your program start date for a full refund of the first monthly payment. Should you choose to cancel, or immediately end, your program at any point after the 14-day mark, please do so using the “manage account” feature of the Parent Portal. No prorated refunds will be offered. In order to avoid overage charges, please make program length adjustments prior to your next billing date.

We are able to help you with any of these features of program adjustment if you contact us at happy@testive.com (see Communication below).

Program Communication

The student and their coach should agree which form of communication they wish to use outside weekly meetings for the duration of the the program. Communication options include text, phone call, or email. Both parties are responsible for responding in an appropriate amount of time regarding scheduling, technical questions, etc.

If a parental phone call with the coach is requested outside of scheduled check-in calls, the conversation may be redirected to your point of contact on Team Testive.

The Testive Customer Happiness office is open Monday - Friday  between 9am - 5pm Eastern Time. We are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Monday - Friday, we will do everything we can to respond to your request within 24 hours. For messages sent between Friday evening and Saturday evening, it may take longer than 24 hours for us to reply. Team Testive can be reached using happy@testive.com or by leaving a voicemail at 888-960-8378 ext 3.


Your student’s coach will provide them with an assignment before, during, or after their weekly check-in call. This assignment can be found on the “Curriculum” tab of the Testive site. The assignment may include practice questions on the Testive website, practice tests (to be uploaded to the Testive website), or other work. The assignment is intended to last until the next check-in call. If a student completes their assignment early, they should contact their coach to ask for a further assignment, but completing their assignment should not prevent a student from completing their planned daily practice; they should continue completing questions via the “Practice” page on the website until another assignment is delivered.

Completion of Assignments

Improvement on the SAT or the ACT is a result of consistent, quality practice. Your Testive coaching program is designed to cultivate this practice as a habit. Testive students commit to completing at least 100 questions per week on the Testive website. This plan is recorded in the calendar set up between the student and the coach. The coach makes it a priority to ensure that your student is completing their planned number of questions throughout the week, and that they are writing thorough review notes for incorrect question. If a student fails to complete their work between check-ins with their coach, the coach will attempt to redirect, intervene, and troubleshoot in order to ensure that they complete their work.

If a student consistently fails to complete their work (two or more weeks in a row), the coach may enlist the assistance of Team Testive to reach out to the student’s family to determine whether now is the right time to prep. The outcome of this communication (between the Customer Happiness Team, the Coach, the Student, and the Parent) may be a mutually-agreed upon pause or postponement of the program, or in rare cases, a deactivation of the program.

Weekly Meetings

Your student’s program may include weekly or twice-weekly meetings with their coach. These meetings are conducted via Skype (default), or if agreed upon with the coach, Google Hangout, Facetime, or another video chat platform. The purpose of these meetings is to ensure that the student is effectively completing the practice necessary for improvement towards their target. These meetings may include organizational strategizing and personal accountability coaching as well as academic / test content instruction and guidance. The first meeting (“Kick-Off Call”) is scheduled to last approximately 45 minutes. Subsequent meetings (“check-in calls”) last 30 minutes.

In order for a student to be successful with their Testive program, it is imperative that they schedule and attend weekly or twice-weekly meetings with their coach (depending on the terms of frequency established in the program purchase).

The coach will provide their availability for meetings via the Testive scheduling tool. The coach will provide more than one window of availability each week, but will not necessarily be available at a single specifically requested time, nor on-demand. The student should directly schedule their meetings using this tool. The coach will remind students to schedule meetings; however, the student is ultimately responsible for picking a time and scheduling each meeting with their coach (just like going to the doctor, for example).

If a student has trouble scheduling or attending weekly meetings for any reason, it is their responsibility to notify their coach and Team Testive as soon as they are able.

Cancelling and Rescheduling

If needed, a student may reschedule or cancel scheduled meetings with their coach by using the Scheduling Tool available on the Testive website. If a student anticipates they will miss a coaching session because of a scheduling conflict, illness, or other unavoidable reason, it is their responsibility to reschedule the meeting using the Scheduling Tool at least 24 hours before the meeting is scheduled to occur. If unable to access this tool, the student may contact their coach to reschedule or cancel via email or text message.

Successful students maintain a weekly meeting schedule. If we find that a student is cancelling or rescheduling meetings at a rate that may adversely affect their own prep progress, Team Testive will step in, alert the student’s supporter, and develop a plan to correct the course of the program.

Missing Meetings

If a student notifies their coach about missing a according to the above guidelines, the student should make their best effort to reschedule the meeting in a timely manner. It is a student’s responsibility to let their coach know the circumstances of their cancellation.

If a student needs to cancel or reschedule a scheduled meeting within 24 hours of the meeting, it is up to the discretion of the coach whether or not to allow the meeting to be rescheduled that same week.

In the case of a student rescheduling or cancellation with lack of actionable advance warning (less than 24 hours notice), the coach reserves the right to postpone the meeting until the next week.

If a student misses a meeting without notifying their coach 24 hours in advance, the missed meeting will count against their pre-paid Coaching time. In other words, if a student does not properly notify their coach they will not attend a scheduled meeting, Testive is not obligated to allow the student to make up the meeting the same week, or to make up the meeting without requiring payment for adding additional Coaching time.

Switching Coaches

It is a top priority for us that  students to be able to work productively with their coaches. As part of our enrollment process, we aim to assist families in making the best decision possible for the student when selecting a coach. However, we understand that students may later decide their chosen coach is not the optimal fit for them. We are willing to accommodate coach switches up to four weeks before the conclusion of a student’s Testive program. After this point, a coach switch is more disruptive to a student’s Testive program than it is beneficial.

Because Testive coaches work part-time, we are occasionally subject to turnover in our roster of coaches. We take every possible step to ensure that a coach departing from Testive does not disrupt their students’ programs. If a student’s coach departs from Testive while their program is in progress, we will notify you in a timely manner and facilitate a coach switch that will be successful for the student.

Score Guarantee

Students are most successful with prep when they have a specific score goal and test date(s) in mind. It is a priority for us to understand our students’ goals and help them get there. We will help each student identify a score goal if they are not sure where they ultimately aim to land on the SAT or the ACT. We make our best effort to help students set reasonable expectations for achievement on the SAT or ACT. We cannot guarantee a student will receive a specific SAT or ACT score after completing their program. Test scores are limited by countless factors, including, but not limited to: previous academic preparation, academic strengths and weaknesses, time and effort spent on prep, and test day conditions.

However, we gladly hold ourselves responsible for helping our students improve their scores. While most of our students do see a score increase after finishing their programs, we still have measures in place to assist students who do not see results.

You are eligible for Score Guarantee if your student successfully completed their Testive program and did not see a score increase.

Score increase is calculated by comparing the composite scores (all sections considered together, not including essay) of an “after” test to a “before” test in either the SAT or ACT:

  • The “after” test must be an official SAT or ACT taken by your student no more than 15 days after the completion of their Testive program.
  • The “before” test may be either an official SAT or ACT taken by your student 90 days or less before the start of their Testive program, or an official baseline practice test uploaded by your student to their Testive account less than 3 months before the start of their Testive program.

In order to consider a student as having successfully completed their Testive program, the following conditions must be met:

  • The student completed at least 85% of questions indicated on their weekly calendar.
  • The student completed and uploaded at least two practice tests, including the baseline test.
  • The student did not miss any meetings with their coach. A rescheduled meeting is not considered a missed meeting, unless the rescheduling was excessive and the student did not reschedule meetings in a timely fashion.

In order to take advantage of the Score Guarantee, you must email happy@testive.com a copy of the student’s official “after” test scores within 30 days of the test score release date.

If you are eligible for the Score Guarantee, we offer two options. You may select one of these:

  • Between one and two months of complimentary Coaching for an upcoming SAT or ACT
  • A full refund of all payments made to Testive since the student took their baseline test

Additional Services

Because submission of SAT essay or ACT writing scores is not required by all colleges, and does not influence a student’s composite score, Testive’s platform and Coaching program are designed to help students prep for the multiple choice sections of these tests. However, we are able to help students prep for the SAT essay, or ACT writing section, as long as you indicate to the coach or to Team Testive that you would like this type of assistance within one week of the Kick-Off Call.

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